Top 10 Android secrete codes you must know

Android developers always create many backdoor through which you can enter into the system and change some settings. These backdoor are what is refers to as secretes codes. The codes are not known to everyone. So here we listed top 10 hidden android secret codes that every android user must know.


This code is use in Enabling test mode for service activity, Used to enter into Service mode.  You can run and change various tests and settings in the service mode.


If you are someone who don’t know how to factory restore your device manually, then you can use this code to do that.  You only need to dial this code on your phone dialer. This code performs the following functions: Reinstall the phones firmware., Used for factory format, Remove all files and settings including the internal storage


If for some reason the above code did not work for you, you can try this code they almost serve the same purpose. The code is also use to Factory restore settings, Clear all application and data, Remove Google account setting, Remove System application data and settings.


You can use this code to know your Phone basic information, Phone usage detail and Battery information. Just dial the code and the list of menus will appear on your screen. Select the one that you and to check and there you are. This is a must know code for every android owner. Give it a try.


If you are someone who like taking selfie and your camera quality is not at your satisfactory. You can use this code to check what is wrong with your camera. The code will display Information about your mobile camera and the entire settings that you need to do to improve your camera. You can also use this code to check the camera quality when acquiring new phone.


With this code you can create backup of all your media files, Opens file copy screen where you can back up your media files like (images, videos and audios)


If you have problem with phone not charging whenever you plug your charger to your phone, then you can use this code to check whether the problem is from your charger or is from your phone usb port.


It is important for every phone user to know his or her IMEI number. This code when dialed will display your phone IMEI number.


If your SIM card is blocked and your phone always displays the emergency screen, this means you will not have access to the PUK code screen. You can use this code to Execute from Emergency dial screen to unlock PUK code.


This code is use For Google Talk service monitoring. It is also used to launch G Talk Service Monitor.

Please note that some of the above codes might not work in some android version.  Bookmark this page to get more updates on these secretes codes.

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