how to manually backup your phone contacts

Gone were the days when one spends much time to memorize all his/her phone contacts. Others also had a jotter where they write all their important contacts. But in recent time due to the emergence of the modern mobile phone which has the feature of saving contacts on the phones memory or Sim card. People don’t bother themselves any more to do all these because they know they can save the contacts right in their phone. Yes that’s the power of advancement in technology. But like any other invention, this also has some shortcomings too. Many of us face the chance of losing their contact either by phone software or hardware malfunctioning or accidentally deleting the contacts from the phone or you’ve change a device and you want your contacts on the new device etc.

All these are possible ways by which one can lose his or her contacts. Even though for Android users, Google has given them the chance to save their contacts on their Gmail account. But that alone cannot guarantee your contacts safety because you may forget your account password or other issue may arise that may prevent you from having access to your Gmail account and that means all your contacts will be gone.

Thanks to Google again, they have also provide us with other option in the Android operating system that we can use to back up our contacts manually. This method of backing up contacts I say has about 90% guarantee of you not losing your contacts forever. So without wasting much time let me take you through this method.

  • First of all open your phone apps and tap on the contacts app or you can open the phone dialer and tap on contacts. Once you are in contact tab, do the following:

  • Tap on the menu option on your phone

  • There you can see an option “import/export”, tap on it

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  • Then under import/export you will see many option look for SD card tap on it and click next.

  • It will ask you to confirm simple click OK and wait

  • Depending upon how many contacts you have in your phone. it may take some time to finish exporting, so wait for some few minutes

  •  After some few minutes, check your notification and you will see finished exporting to Vcard or SD card.

  • Then open your file manager and search for file with vcf extension. But for some phones by default a folder named vcard will be created. Open it and you should see the backedup file there. When you see it copy and keep it in a safe place.

  • Now you have successfully backedup your contacts and whenever you lose your contacts you can get them from your backed up folder.

How to get the contacts back when you lose them on your phone

  • To import the contacts back, Follow the first four steps mention above .But here in the fourth step instead of export; now tap on import from SD card or Vcard depending on your phone.

  • Now look for the file that you have exported earlier on. That’s the vcf file. After you see the file just tap on import from storage option.

  • It will scan your device for contacts backup and once the vcf file is found, it will show you an option to restore

  • Simple tap on it and wait for the process to complete and that should be all. You should have all your contact on your device.

If you find difficulty in any of the instructions above, then please comment and we will be at your service. If this tips helped you a little then Please like and share this as a token of thanks. Have a nice day and see you again.



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