how to Decode the Latest 2015/2016 modems

how to decode latest modem
how to decode latest modem

Network providers always put a restriction with regards to the kind of SIM you use on their modem. If you purchase a modem from a network provider you cannot use other network providers SIM in it. This means you are stuck with only one network. The problem is when your service provider's network is down; you cannot switch to any other network.

So in this article I am going to show you the most effective way to lift that restriction from your modem and enjoy the flexibility of switching from one network to another when browsing with the modem.

To unlock a modem you don’t need any much knowledge in computer or IT.   These days everything has been made simple for us. The only thing you need to have is a computer and an internet connection, Gmail account and a third party software. After getting these things then follow the steps am going to explain below and you will have your modem decoded within some few minutes.

  • ·    Write down the model and IMEI (14 digit number on the modem)
  • ·          Now download Huawei Code Writer by  clicking here
  • ·         Go to huaweicodecalculator when you are at the website you will see sign in with Google+ as shown in the image below 

  • After clicking on it, the website will try to ask for your permission to use the Gmail account click on accept to give it an access

  • Now a new dialog box will appear asking for the IMEI and the modem model
  • Fill in the model and IMEI of your modem and click on calculate
  •   After submitting, you will see the Google plus sign click on it then the results will appear with two codes (New Algo Code and Old Algo Code).
  • Select your modem category; for decoding new modems copy new Algo code
  • ·         Now go to your download folder and look for the Huawei modem code writer you earlier downloaded.
  •          Now insert your modem into the PC and Open the Huawei modem code writer then click on select com port.

  • ·         After that a new dialog box will appear click on detect. The writer will try to detect the modem com port and when is done click on accept.

  • ·         After clicking on accept the unlock dialog box will appear asking for the unlocking code fill in the code and click on unlock. You should have a message "Send unlock Code...........OK". .Meaning you’ve successfully unlock the modem. Now insert a different sim and try to connect the modem will no more ask for your unlocking code because it has been unlock. You can now enjoy your modem without any restriction from your carrier.

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